The Girl In The Panda Hat (2nd Edition)

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A collection of short stories and poems written by a teenager with Asperger Syndrome.

Willow was diagnosed as a teen due to her social awkwardness throughout school which, coupled with the pressures of growing up, made it a very difficult time for her. She battled constantly with depression and writing was the only way she could deal with her emotions; the majority of this book was written in the midst of a nervous breakdown. She wanted to release this book to help other teens who are finding it difficult to cope, or for parents who are struggling to understand their Aspergic teenager. Willow made it through to the other side unharmed, and wants to prove that no matter how dark it becomes, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Poem excerpt: 

"What If It’s Lost?  

Somewhere lost in time, 
I’m right there waiting, 
Trying to see what’s mine, 
But I’m still hesitating, 
I lost myself so long ago, 
And I’m no longer here, 
I don’t have the things I used to know, 
All I’m left with is my fear,  
I’m scared that you won’t see, 
The person I used to be, 
Please help me find the girl, 
That should be staring back at me." 

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More about 'The Girl In The Panda Hat' 

Publish Date:  November 27th 2013     
Category:  Poetry | Short Stories | Aspergers Syndrome
ISBN: 978-0-9927847-0-6

This is the 2nd edition of the first book by WillowHope, she is a self-published author.

The 2nd edition has an extra chapter at the end containing 4 new poems. 

You can also buy this book as a PDF here, or for the kindle here.

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