Autistic Spectrum Alert Card

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An Autism/Aspergers alert card for you to carry around. The idea is that if you get a bit overwhelmed or you aren't able to get your point across etc, when you're out and about in public, you can hand this card over and it will just go some way to explain why you're flapping and struggling to breathe! It's also very useful from a safety and security point of view for places like airports/train stations and big cities, and to show to police etc.

As you can see, it's got the WillowHope colour scheme etc, so it's not dull. I tried to make it a bit more 'funky' etc. than the usual ones.

The card is the size and thickness of a credit/debit card, made entirely from plastic, with a gloss finish, so will be durable and easy to store in your purse/wallet or even in an ID card lanyard.

Text reads:

"I have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Please read the back of this card...
...thank you, I really appreciate it!"
"Please take the time to understand that...
  • I might struggle to tell you what I need because I can become easily overwhelmed in a social or public environment.
  • It might seem like I am acting strange but the movements I make are probably just part of me trying to cope and stay calm.
  • I don't like to be touched, most of all unexpectedly, so whilst it might be your reaction to help calm me down, it will likely make things worse.
  • I am a unique human being and deserve the respect you show everyone else.
Also...don’t take advantage of me. I’m not stupid, I’m just anxious."

You can also choose to purchase the card bundled with a plastic holder, as shown in the final 2 photographs, for an extra £1.00!

You can also buy it bundled with a lanyard here.

Or you can download the design for free and print it yourself, from here.

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